The Proper Way to Celebrate Derby

20 Apr
I was born in Louisville…this is the proper way to celebrate Derby! All you need now is some Finley’s BBQ and a racing form and you’re all set!
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The ultimate Derby souvenir

Woodford Reserve to offer 132 juleps for $1,000, or more

A typical mint julep, served in a souvenir glass, at this year’s Kentucky Derby will set you back $9.

But if you really want to turn heads at the track, you can fork over $1,000 or more for one of 132 special juleps served in gold-plated cups with silver straws.

The pricey cocktails again will feature exotic ingredients — mint from Ireland, organic sugar from Australia and ice from the Bavarian Alps. But after race fans snatched up the 50 sold last year, the brand’s marketing team is aiming to sell one drink for every Derby winner, from Aristides in 1875 to Barbaro in 2006.

All proceeds from the promotion will go to Thoroughbred Charities of America, which assists retired horses and disabled jockeys.

An online auction for the cups will begin at noon tomorrow at

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