Now I don’t have to wait for commercials!

09 May
When I do watch TV, I watch cable stations, so I get very little exposure to network commercials. When the opportunity does arise to enjoy a show that will be randomly interrupted by sales pitches for things I don’t need, I usually make my way to the fridge for a snack (and to keep my ear drums from bursting…why are commercials so much louder than the show you’re watching?!). Now I can head for that snack anytime I like! And high-def too? All I need now is a La-Z-Boy on wheels….

Also a cool idea for the aspiring gourmet chef trying to follow along with Emeril. BAM!!

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Not only does the LG LSC27990 come with an HDTV, it also boasts a secondary 4″ display that showcases various information such as weather reports, recipes, and even a calendar. In addition, you can view your favorite family photos on the display provided thanks to the USB 2.0 port that enables you to upload images in an instant. The price to pay for such extravagance? $4,000.

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