My New Shoe Closet

12 Jun
Me likey! And if you could get them installed with a stealthy lock (anti-theft!…anti-borrow too!!) and fireproofing (important papers!), that would be a great way keep my Choo’s safe…now, how do we keep from stepping on the STAIR and not into the DRAWER? There must be some sort of “clicking into place” kind of action going on, to keep the late night ramblings of stumbling drunks concussion-free!
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Storage in Stairs: The coolest thing since sliced bread

This ingenious design from Vogue Living Australia installs drawers into your stairs, allowing for a completely optimal use of space.
And not only that, but thieves would never think to look for drawers in the stairs if, God forbid, your house ever gets broken into.
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Posted by on June 12, 2007 in General


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