Doo Doo Coffee (not even kidding)

09 Sep
I don’t care how much it costs, I’m STILL not drinking it! (and who was the one to figure this out, anyway??)
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Human hands don’t harvest the beans that make this rare brew. It’s plucked by the sharp claws and fangs of wild civets, catlike beasts with bug eyes and weasellike noses that love their coffee fresh.
It’s called kopi luwak, from the Indonesian words for coffee and civet, and by the time it reaches the shelves of swish foreign food emporiums, devotees fork out as much as $600 for a pound – if they can even find that much. The British royal family is said to enjoy sipping it. A single cup can sell for $30 at a five-star hotel in Hong Kong

Jeanny, a 28-pound civet cat, is one of nine hand-fed ripe coffee cherries in captivity to produce the delicasy kopi luwak on a Sumatran mountainside. (Paul Watson)
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