Traveling with Wine

12 Oct

I have had (knock on wood) great success when I wrap wine bottles in straw beach mats, bubble wrap or several cotton sarongs. I always put the bottles in the middle of my largest suitcase and surround them with my shoes (especially great if you are a Crocs fan), and surround that tidy cocoon with clothes and other goodies. Works great!

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Tips for Bringing Wine back from Abroad
Whether you’re bringing back a bottle of wine from the Bordeaux region of France or a bottle of Kahlua from Mexico, alcohol is not only a souvenir from your travels but also a story to share around the dinner/card/pool table.
if you want to bring more than two bottles of wine back with you, go to a specialty wine store and tell them you’ll be traveling with the the wine. They’ll either package up the wine for you really well or sell you a crate. If you have to package it yourself, use many layers of material and lots of padding — a hard shell with soft padding in and outside is a good start.
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