What country would you buy?

12 Oct

I’d buy any Carribean island, or Fiji or Easter Island…or Capri! Maybe Hawaii?

clipped from
The World’s Shanghai Island Sells For $28 Million
The World, the cluster of Earth-inspired man-made islands off the coast of Dubai
For a while there it looked like the project was more rumor and speculation than hard cash. But as the islands are emerging from the water, more and more developers from around the world seem ready to plunk down the cash.
Nakheel has sold has sold 35 plots of The World this year. Around 45% of the 300 islands have been sold. The latest big deal is for the Shanghai island which was sold to Chinese businessman Bin Hu for $28 million.

Hu is shown here on the island planting the Chinese flag (rather like Richard Branson did on the Great Britain island last year). Other big sales this year include the Greece island which sold for $15.5 million and the Tokyo island which went for $45 million.
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One response to “What country would you buy?

  1. Bay of Islands

    November 14, 2007 at 5:39 pm

    i dont know why they pay so much for these rubbish virtual things . i think if they spend it on the poor people then all the poverty from the world will get vanished , but see what they are doing !


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