Blankets for Your Walls

23 Jan
I love the idea of creating a warm and fuzzy atmosphere…but what happens in the spring and summer when it’s hot? I’d hope this material breathes, otherwise you could only have the warm fuzzies in your mountain cabin!
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Say Baa-Baa to the Cold

There’s nothing more comforting than wrapping up in cozy covers this time of year. One of the concepts in David Rockwell’s new wallcovering collection for Maya Romanoff is inspired by just that feeling. Blanket, his new wool-blend covering stitched with contrasting thread, will create a cocoon of warmth in the room—both aesthetically and in reality. Not only does it come in 32” and 36” panels of visually appealing shades of grey and brown heathers, but the natural characteristics of wool allow it to absorb sound and insulate (as well as inhibit flames).

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