Barclays’ Visa Black Card

06 Mar
So, its the Ginzu knife of credit cards?
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Barclays’ Black Card for High Rollers Only

The Visa Black Card is not your typical “plastic.” It is a very exclusive credit card for those with the wherewithal to live the life fantastic. The Black Card is not even made of plastic; instead it is made from a patent-pending carbon composite.
a credit card that only one percent of entire U.S. population qualify to be cardholders, it is a status symbol of substance.
access to more than 500 VIP airport lounges worldwide, and they receive 24/7 concierge service to assist with personal, social, and business activities. On-the-road benefits include worldwide travel insurance, auto-rental collision damage coverage, and trip-cancellation insurance. Additionally, members receive one-percent cash back on all purchases that can be used with all airlines.
The prestigious Visa Black Card is issued by Barclays Bank Delaware.
holders of the Black Card are hedged luxuriantly

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